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DIRECTOR Steven H. Zeisel, MD, PhD - UNC NORC Website


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's NORC is dedicated to facilitating the development and transfer of cutting-edge nutrition and obesity research from the laboratory to the general public. The deployment this novel research methodology is organized around seven central themes:
  • The Causes and Prevention of Obesity
  • Metabolic Responses and Requirements for Nutrients
  • Pregnancy, Child Growth and Development
  • Nutritional Interventions and Nutrition Behaviors
  • Nutrition and Chronic Diseases in Populations
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Molecular Mechanisms for the Regulation of Metabolism
The goals of the UNC NORC are to:
  • Provide cost-effective resources and expert support to investigators conducting multidisciplinary research in nutrition and obesity.
  • Enhance the impact and presence of nutrition and obesity research at UNC.
  • Strengthen clinical nutrition training programs for medical students and practicing physicians.
  • Translate findings from obesity and nutrition research to the general public to improve the overall health of the community.


Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core
The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core provides access to state of the art phenotyping techniques for metabolism and energy balance in mouse models of nutrition and disease.

Diet, Physical Activity and Body Composition Core
The Diet, Physical Activity and Body Composition Core provides methodological resources and expertise to promote the science of nutrition, physical activity and body composition assessment in human populations.

Concierge Research Core
Our Concierge Research Experts offer consultation support for the development, design and implementation of nutrition and obesity clinical and translational research.

Nutrition Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Core
The Nutritional Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Core provides assistance for cutting edge nutritional biochemistry methods and molecular biology techniques.

Nutrition Communication for Health Applications & Interventions (CHAI) Core
The Nutrition Communication for Health Applications & Interventions (CHAI) Core offers contemporary techniques and resources for the development of behavioral science interventions aimed at health promotion and disease prevention.