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Pennington Biomedical Research Center

DIRECTOR Eric Ravussin, PhD - Pennington NORC Website


The Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC) NORC is designed to facilitate and promote collaborative and multidisciplinary interactions that will foster new research ideas and enhance the translation of basic nutritional research findings into the clinical arena and ultimately into practical applications. Within the chosen theme of "Nutritional Programming: Environmental and Molecular Interactions," the Pennington NORC has targeted translational research to better understand the metabolic and environmental factors underlying nutrition- and obesity-related health problems.

The specific aims of the Pennington NORC are to:
  • Stimulate new and innovative research and support collaborative nutrition research among investigators at Pennington and in Louisiana. To this end, the NORC will foster communications and interactions between basic and clinical investigators, provide state-of-the-art and cost-effective Core services to support nutrition research, and enhance the translation of discoveries in basic science to human clinical investigation.
  • Attract new investigators to the field of nutrition (especially nutritional programming) and to enhance their development as independent and creative investigators by allowing access to specialized training, core resources, mentoring, and educational programs.
  • Improve the training and education of students, research staff, postdoctoral fellows, and health personnel in clinical nutrition and obesity management and in nutrition and obesity research.
  • Coordinate and promote community outreach activities in the greater East Baton Rouge area by providing nutrition education, nutrition and health assessments, and nutritional interventions that promote wellness, improve health, and reduce obesity.
  • Reach out to Louisiana State University scientists in Baton Rouge and at the Medical Health Science Center in New Orleans.


Human Phenotyping Core
The Human Phenotyping Core provides expertise and measurements for body composition, energy metabolism, insulin sensitivity, energy intake, and physical activity in humans.

Molecular Mechanisms Core
The Molecular Mechanisms Core provides support for classical genomics and epigenetics services and cell culture and bioimaging technologies.

Animal Models & Phenotyping
The Animal Models and Phenotyping Core provides state-of-the-art phenotyping assistance for conditional transgenic and knockout animal models.