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DIRECTOR Susan K. Fried, PhD - Boston NORC Website


The Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center NORC, based at the Boston Medical Center since October 1998, represents a collaborative effort among five major Boston institutions that represent all three medical schools in the city. These include the Tufts University School of Medicine (Tufts University), Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard University), Boston Medical Center (Boston University), and Harvard School of Public Health (Harvard University).

The goals of the Boston NORC are to:
  • Foster ongoing collaborative relationships among healthcare professionals and scientists interested in the study of obesity and nutrition.
  • Produce the major advances necessary to resolve the questions surrounding the development of obesity and the regulation of energy metabolism.
  • Promote interactions among scientists and institutions and make resources available through support of pilot and feasibility studies, an enrichment program, and the core laboratories.


Adipocyte Core
The Adipocyte Core provides access to euploid rodent and human mass-cultured and cloned preadipocytes and freshly-isolated, cultured fat cells and products derived from RNA, DNA and protein.

Clinical & Community Research Core
The Clinical & Community Research Core offers qualitative research method assistance to investigators conducting human studies in community settings and clinical research facilities.

Epidemiology & Genetics Core
The Epidemiology & Genetics Core provides data analysis and study design guidance as well as high-throughput genotyping and genetic data analysis for clinical and epidemiologic research studies.

Transgenic Core
The Transgenic Core generates transgenic and gene knockout mouse models relevant to obesity, diabetes and nutrition research and provides consultation for all aspects of making transgenic and gene knockout mice.