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University of Alabama at Birmingham

DIRECTOR David B. Allison, PhD - UAB NORC Website


The University of Alabama at Birmingham's NORC fosters a multidisciplinary approach to basic, clinical, and translational research with an emphasis on understanding the metabolic factors, environmental influences, and associated genetic traits underlying nutrition and obesity-related health problems.

The specific aims of the UAB NORC are:
  • Research: To foster multidisciplinary research focused on the biological, behavioral, and environmental bases for nutrition/obesity-related disorders. This occurs by promoting integrated and multidisciplinary research efforts in nutrition/obesity from the perspective of disciplines such as genetics, molecular biology, psychology/sociology, physiology, endocrinology and diabetes, economics, health policy, physics, pathology, epidemiology, statistics, exercise physiology/muscle metabolism, surgery, pediatric and adult medicine, and others.
  • Training: To continue to offer a strong nutrition training environment to improve the education of medical students, house staff, practicing physicians, graduate and postgraduate trainees, allied health professionals, and research scientists. This occurs through an expanded Nutrition/Obesity Seminar Series, a dynamic Enrichment Program, and our training grants.
  • Translational Services: Enhance patient care and public health through translation of research findings into applicable information for practitioners and the public.


Biostatistics Core
The Biostatistics Core provides expertise and advice in study design, power calculations, data acquisition and management, and appropriate statistical methods of analysis and reporting. Specific expertise is available for investigations involving statistical genetics.

Metabolism Core
The Metabolism Core provides assistance with energy expenditure, body composition, hormone analysis, and insulin sensitivity testing for metabolic studies in humans and small animals.

Animal Models Core
The Small Animal Phenotyping Core supports research related to energy expenditure and body composition in small animal models.

Physical Activity & Exercise Core
The Physical Activity Core provides investigators guidance concerning exercise testing and training and with research-ready resistance and aerobic exercise equipment to allow for the conduct of exercise studies among children, adults, obese persons, and other populations.